Botanical awakenings

Botanical Awakenings is an inspirational exploration of culinary magic, plant alchemy, and earth-based vitality. 

Guided by Taryn Michele, this is a deep dive into a unique realm of slow food creation, plant play, incantations of the heart, and radical healing. This project is an invitation to slow down, drop into the senses, and together remember the patterns that weave us back into relation with the Earth, with one another, and with our true selves. 
This platform is the newest thread in The Botanical Kitchen web. While we look with hope towards 2021 for in-person gatherings, workshops, and experiences, Botanical Awakenings is now live via Patreon.
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Choose your membership tier (Root, Leaf, Flower or Fruit) to gain access to a unique trove of Botanical Kitchen recipes and "creative sparks", exclusive videos, curated resources, weekly reflections, musical musings, product discounts and more. The top three tiers (Leaf, Flower and Fruit) also include tangible gifts: monthly and seasonal product packages from the Botanical Kitchen and monthly virtual Wellness Conversations* with Taryn.