The Botanical Kitchen returns to the

Orcas Island Farmers Market August 8th  

We look forward to returning to the Farmers Market on August 8th

10am-2pm on the Village Green


Each week we will offer a variety of food and drinks, including:

A selection of prepackaged Botanical Kitchen style "lunch boxes" for a vibrant, nourishing,

meal on-the-go. Take one for today, and one for the week ahead!


Hearty snacks and baked goods (i.e. creative vegan dips and crackers, cheesy spinach biscuits, pecan caramel brownies, tahini blondies, our signature "Buckwheat'Nola" and more)


Our signature "Earth Roast" dark and dreamy herbal brew (a caffeine free, nutritive coffee alternative)


Botanical spritzers and elixirs (i.e. Tulsi-Rose Lemonade, Fir-Tip Mojitos, Lilac Lemon Spritzer)


A selection of signature Botanical Kitchen products (HappyFat Hazelnut Butter, GoldenMilk concentrate, MacaRose sweet blended ghee, infused honeys and vinegars and more)



If you would like to pre-order items for pickup at the market,  browse the online shop HERE


We will post items available for pre-order each Thursday by 5pm

Please place your order by Friday 5pm for Saturday pickup

360 375 5924

Orcas Island

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