Botanical Kitchen's Golden Elixir Concentrate is a delicious, sugar-free, happy-fat concentrate, for an instant cup of "golden milk". This unique spin on a traditional ayurvedic remedy encourages healthy responses to inflammation and stress, bolsters the immune system, warms and soothes the digestive system, and fortifies the nervous system. Add one tablespoon to 8-10 ounces of hot milk of choice (our favorite is coconut, but any will do) and blend until golden and frothy. Using a blender, coffee frother, or immersion blender is recommended to fully emulsify the fats. This concentrate can also be used in soups and curries, blended with nut butters for a tasty spread, and countless other creative inspirations! This is a fat-based concentrate which, along with the presence of black pepper and heat-activation, renders the curcumin content (from the turmeric root) highly bioavailable and effective. Lightly sweetened with only 100% pure powdered monkfruit, this sugar-free elixir is nourishing and stabilizing to body, mind, and heart. 
100% organic, thoughtfully sourced ingredients:
- handcrafted ghee made from organic, grass-fed cultured butter
- coconut butter
- Diaspora Co. direct-trade heirloom turmeric powder (the highest quality, most ethical turmeric on the market. Please visit their website for more information)
- Oregon-grown ashwagandha root powder
- Oregon-grown astragalus root powder
- freshly ground black pepper
- freshly ground cardamom
- ginger
- cinnamon
- vanilla
- San Juan sea salt
- lightly sweetened with 100% pure powdered monk fruit

::Golden Elixir Concentrate::

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