Sample Menu Items

Vibrant. Thoughtfully sourced. nutrient dense.

Food is a deeply personal experience. In acknowledgement of this, the Botanical Kitchen is a highly flexible service, with ample experience in a wide range of dietary preferences and health objectives. The Botanical Kitchen is a detail-oriented process, painstakingly sourcing every ingredient to ensure the highest quality, most vibrant flavor, and maximum health benefit. By default, most menu items are gluten-free and dairy optional. Strong emphasis is placed on the vitality of plant-based foods, using the freshest organic produce, sourced locally whenever possible. High quality fats are a staple in the Botanical Kitchen, grains are always soaked and/or sprouted, and animal products and meats are compassionately, sustainably and often locally sourced. Fermented condiments are incorporated into most meals, and custom herbal tea blends and elixirs add a special touch.

The menu items listed below (and pictured in the gallery above) are samples of Botanical Kitchen creations.

Dips, spreads, and Snacks
Brunch and Lunch

Sweet Potato Hummus

(cilantro-lime, bean-free)

Vegan Shiitake Pâté,

(sage & shallot)

"Green Queen"

(raw vegan herbed cashew dip)

Smoked Winter Squash "Cheese" Dip

Herbed Pumpkin Seed Pâté

(chive & black pepper)

Caramelized Onion Marmalade 

Greek Tzatziki

(cucumber-dill yogurt sauce)

Rustic Super Seed Crisps 

Raw "SauerKrackers" 

Sesame-Hemp Crostini

Rainbow Crudité

(seasonal vegetable platter)

Fruit and Cheese Boards

Roasted Vegetable Frittata 

 toasted seeds, minted carrot salad, tangy yogurt sauce or cashew crema, and garden greens with miso-lime vinaigrette

Sprouted Lemony Quinoa Bowls

roasted roots or seasonal grilled veggies, mixed greens, crunchy seed clusters, creamy tahini sauce, pickled red onion, soft boiled egg, and fresh herbs

Coconut-Lemongrass Chicken Soup

steamed seasonal veggies, fresh cilantro, and toasted almond. Served with wild rice, pickled red cabbage and garden greens with maple-sesame vinaigrette

Savory Turmeric Crepes 

topped with braised seasonal greens, lemongrass glazed chicken or cauliflower, cilantro-lime crema, pickled red onion, and jicama slaw

Grain-free Spanakopita

(buttery almond crust, seasonal greens, feta, farm egg) Served with cucumber-tomato salad, pickled red onion, creamy tahini garlic sauce, and salad greens

beverages and elixirs

Chicken or Lamb Tajine

Moroccan braised lamb or chicken

served with

cauliflower-hazelnut pilaf, minted yogurt sauce, preserved lemon, fresh cilantro, plum chutney, and garden greens 

Black Sesame Crusted Wild Salmon

maple ginger glaze

served with

crispy shiitake mushrooms, garlicky broccolini, wild rice, micro-greens and gingerkraut


Slow roasted Japanese Sweet Potato

walnut-mushroom stuffing, creamy herbed tahini sauce

served with

lemon-garlic braised chard, pickled onion, butter lettuce

Shallot-Sage Mushroom Tart

flaky cassava crust (grain-free) filled with shiitake pate, wilted greens, pan-fried mushroom medley, fresh herbs

served with

caramelized carrots, side salad, creamy preserved lemon vinaigrette 

Roasted Root

dark & dreamy herbal brew

dandelion, chicory, burdock, reishi mushroom, ramón seed, coconut cream

Golden Dream

direct-trade turmeric, ginger, handcrafted grass-fed ghee, coconut butter, black pepper, Oregon-grown ashwagandha, and astragalus, cinnamon, cardamom, San Juan sea salt, handmade coconut milk, sweetened with 100% pure monkfruit powder

Spruce Tip "Mojito"

spruce tip honey, lime, fresh mint, sparkling water

Happy Fat Matcha Latte

farm-direct organic premium matcha, Botanical Kitchen's Green Queen Ghee (tulsi, nettle, fennel), MCT oil, cardamom, vanilla, 100% pure monkfruit powder, handmade coconut milk

Hawthorn Rose Shrub

hawthorn berrrry honey-vinegar elixir, island rose hydrosol, sparkling water

Custom Herbal Tea Blends

organic, garden grown

Sweet treats

Cardamom Rose Truffle

vegan, grain-free

sweetened with coconut sugar, topped with raw cacao glaze and rose petals

 Maca-Mesquite Hazelnut Truffle

vegan,  grain-free

sweetened with coconut sugar, topped with raw cacao glaze and toasted hazelnut

Coconut Custard Tartlet

grain-free, dairy-free

raw honey and vanilla bean, topped with seasonal berries


Golden Muse Truffle


Botanical Kitchen's Golden Milk concentrate, blended with cacao butter, almond butter, and rolled in bee pollen

Brownie Cups

vegan, grain-free

rich & chewy

topped with a thick layer of maca-mesquite truffle glaze and toasted hazelnut

Pistachio Rose Tart

vegan, grain-free

salted date shortbread crust, cardamom-rose white chocolate ganache, pistachio-avocado cream. topped with rose petals and pistachio.

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