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 The Botanical Kitchen strives to offer more than a service, but a memorable and deeply nourishing experience. The process is client-driven, whether you are seeking nutritious, stress-free meals for an intimate gathering or retreat, ongoing meal prep for you and your family, or a one-time kitchen consultation adventure. Working within the realm of your unique nutritional preferences, the Botanical Kitchen delivers an experience that captivates both the heart and the senses, while aligning seamlessly with your expectations.

Below is a list of services offered. Please feel free to inquire about additional services and take a look at the Sample Menus page for more information and inspiration.

Private Gatherings and Retreats

The Botanical Kitchen offers a spectrum of services to support your private event or retreat, including:

Snack Boards and platters


Onsite preparation. A vibrant spread of fresh, colorful, flavorful foods. Items range from fruit platters and simple vegetable crudité with dips and cheeses to hearty homemade crackers, smoked fish and meats, nut pâtés, pickles and ferments.


These boards and trays are garnished with seasonal fresh herbs and flowers and offer nutritious noshes for your guests as well and striking visual appeal. Fresh herbal teas or sparkling botanical elixirs also available.

Casual Meals


For breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ideal for retreats, intimate family gatherings, or larger events. Served buffet or family style, these meals include a vibrant array of coordinating options, and easily accommodate a variety of preferences and restrictions.


The meal is prepared and served onsite. Fresh herbal teas, botanical elixirs, and sweet treats also available. 


plated Lunches and dinners 


Three to six course plated meals for a ceremonious and festive, yet still very intimate, affair. 

Seasonal, elegant cuisine (showcasing the freshest local and regional fare) served in courses, beginning with an optional happy hour of hors d'oeuvres and botanical elixirs 

Kitchen Assistance and Consultations


The Botanical Kitchen offers a variety of kitchen related services, beginning with an initial kitchen consultation.

These services are task-oriented and include:



 full meal prep

(single or multi-session)

Over the course of a meal prep session, several meals and staples will be prepared in your home, and stacked in the fridge and freezer with clear labels and instructions for the days or weeks to come. Typically, the session will end with a warm meal for you and your family to enjoy. This service includes menu planning, grocery shopping, and thorough cleanup. 

pantry and fridge enhancement

(single session)

Let the Botanical Kitchen stock your fridge and pantry with a variety of simple and healthy staples including: fresh ground sprouted nut butters, ferments, granola, breads and baked goods, crackers, sauces, dressings, dips, and more


menu-planning, grocery shopping, and delivery

food preservation services 

Processing, canning, pickling, fermenting, dehydrating, freezing and more.

Maximize the abundance of your garden or gleaned fruits and veggies!

This service can be delivered "workshop style" for an additional fee. 


Please inquire about the variety of workshops and classes offered by The Botanical Kitchen.

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